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Biography Date of Birth: 23 October 1986, Anderson, South Carolina, USA Birth Name: Jessica Leigh Stroup Height: 5' 8
Shoulder length curls with high side part with smoothed rounded top.
Love this color... Maybe one last style for my long hair before I chop it off??
I give my guinea pigs some carrot in the morning and their pellets and veggies in the evening. Is that wrong?
The 3 stages of a guinea pig cuddle
Apple and Blackberry Crumble #recipe #appleandblackberrycrumble #crumble
Caspian Ranch large luxury self-catering in Somerset near the Devon border with huge centrepiece fireplace and stables
Welsh blankets from Melin Tregwynt
This winter has been colder, icier, and snowier than normal, compared to most of the winters in many areas of our country. This picture depicts a warm, cozy evening by the fireplace. I pray that the people living in the record-setting cold, snow, and ice are able to have warm, cozy, comfortable evenings (and days) in their homes this winter.
Add a twist to classic cinnamon buns by adding chunks of chocolate – in this recipe from Nordic Bakery.