Imperial candles

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three candles with lemons and lavender on the side for $ 20 each or more
NEW Limited Edition Guaranteed Ring Candles Pre-order before our official launch and get 20 % OFF and the chance to WIN the NEW IPHONE 6 Limited Quantities *Choose your lucky Imperial Candle: *For more information please visit:
two candles sitting next to each other on a table
Absolutely over the moon with my new ear rings! I've been watching the candle intently ready for the big reveal! Thank you! Off to purchase another
four different pictures with candles and flowers in them, one has a ring on it
Love my new candle and the gorgeous ring inside thank you!
two candles sitting next to each other on a blanket
This is my next candle that I ordered the day after I bought the Peach splash.. Cant wait! :)
two candles sitting next to each other in front of a box with labels on it
My peach splash Imperial candle has finally arrived! It was definitely worth the wait! Cant wait to find out what's inside I'm excited! #imperialcandles #inlove