David Jones - Dustjacket

Eleanor Farjeon, The Town Child's Alphabet: London: The Poetry Bookshop, Jacket and illustratons by David Jones.

David Jones (1895-1974), Capel-y-ffin, 1926-7. Pen, watercolour and bodycolour on paper. Image reproduced with permission of the Estate of David Jones

Work of painter-poet David Jones goes on show

Cardiff Art Lunchtime Talk - Wales Visitation: Poetry, Romanticism and Myth in Art Melissa Munro looks at the Neo-romantic works of John Piper, Ceri Richards and David Jones in the Derek Williams Trust Collection.

David Jones (1895-1974)  'Reclining Cat', 1926  copper engraving, E133  11.2 x 8.8 cm  Signed, edition of 20

David Jones 'Reclining Cat', 1926 copper engraving, x cm Signed, edition of 20

David Jones: the Poet’s Place and the Sleeping Lord / by Brad N. Haas

David Jones: the Poet’s Place and the Sleeping Lord / by Brad N.

David Jones. 'The Storm Tree'. Graphite, watercolour and bodycolour. 1948.

'The Storm Tree' by David Jones, 1948 (graphite, watercolour and bodycolour)

David Jones Nativity with Beast and Shepherds (1927) - Christmas Card

Sparks In Electrical Jelly: David Jones at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff

Flora in Calix Light (Pencil and watercolour, 1950) by David Jones  The three crystal glasses reference the crosses on Calvary. Flowers, evoking remembrance. Calyx is the flower’s cup (and Eucharistic chalice) where spring and life comes from. The tenuous lines and brushstrokes suggest, rather than delineate, the insubstantial forms before us; insubstantial because they comprise numerous, mutable particles that are comprehended by light. Held by..Kettle's Yard.

David Jones Flora in Calix Light, Watercolour and graphite on paper: Kettle's Yard House Gallery, Cambridge

David Jones by Mark Gerson, 1965

Lines of Poetry: in the October issue of Apollo, Matthew Sperling reflects on the neglected work of the Welsh artist and poet David Jones