er zapatófono ... se nos unirá también ... al cono del silencio the cone of silence  #lÆstaciónZ

face shoes tongue Rolling Stones face art for fun graphic illustration artist Jorge Chamorro Ortiz

Xabier Zirikiain

In between art and graphic design the work of Spanish Xabier Zirikiain, who is also the founder of fashion label Loreak Mendian.

Ilusión óptica.

Optical Illusion are always fun to watch. Many of the optical Illusions will twist our mind. Here are few of such optical Illusions to twist your mind.


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Architecture Poster

10 Brillantes diseños de posters

Designing posters is probably one of the tasks where designers get the most space to be creative. The posters in this post are great examples of well designed posters. Opera poster by Philippe Apel…

Brochure jacket designed by Anton Stankowski for BDG 1959. From...

Beruf und Aufgabe, 1959 — Anton Stankowski International Graphic Design (by

Los Angeles

Damien Hirst – Beautiful Inside My Head Forever – Anatomy of an Angel Poster

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