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● Do NOT re-upload my creations ● Do NOT claim them as your own ● Give credit if you use my creations ● If you use my CC, please tag me in your post ( ● Recoloring is allowed.

who lives, who dies, who tells your story. - - 55 recolours of @simduction‘s Bun Low hair -...

pixielated: “ “ - 55 recolours of Bun Low hair - adds swatches to the original - female, teen to elder - feel free to tag me using - you can request things for me to recolour next - credit to for the.

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Clarke Necklace at Simpliciaty via Sims 4 Updates

simpliciaty: “ Clarke Necklace A choker, 4 necklaces, 5 pendants, that’s a whole lot of accessories XD It’s the first time I do something like this, the mesh is a bit high poly! Just keep that in mind! I just couldn’t lower the polys without the mesh.

jellyfishandpancakes: “ Back to Shool: The Badass Bitches It’s here people…

jellyfishandpancakes: “Back to Shool: The Badass Bitches It’s here people! School is back again in 10 days for me. Wish me luck! The only way I can soften the blow of going back to school is making.

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