Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses - Brilliant!

Interesting idea for starting plants. Little green houses made from plastic storage bins.

Alternative Gardning: DIY beehive in a jar

DIY Beehive in a Jar - Backyard Honey with this easy project. Honey with comb, already made inside of a mason jar! Fat Bee Man videos are also educational

Hanging Mason Jar Garden Lights by TheCountryBarrel

Have your guests hold mason jar lanterns with led candle lights for your send off.Mason Jar Garden Lights DIY Lids Set by TheCountryBarrel I can do this for the backyard! Switch out candles for battery or LED candles.

This is a wonderful project that uses the sun rays to heat the wine bottles to create a "Hot Bed" so you can grow plants that you normally can't in your zone.

How to build a hot bed out of recycled glass bottles DIY - The idea is simple: the sunlight warms up the air inside the glass and expands. The heated air is pushed through the bottle neck into the soil warming it, and the plant growing in the soil.

The one-acre smallholding - with a link to the 1976 book on PDF

1976 revolutionary book – ‘The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency’ — City Farmer News

Square Foot Gardening

To start People of the Soil Movement in my neighborhood based on: All New Square Foot Gardening: Mel Bartholomew

Learn how to grow lavender in your garden

About Lavender: Varieties, Recipes, Aromatherapy Use and More - Gardening - Mother Earth Living