Bella Matcha

Bella Matcha

London, UK / Beautiful green tea - coming soon.
Bella Matcha
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Matcha, chocolate Marzipan bars! Healthy, clean treats. Try out our matcha in this 8thandlake recipe!

Delicious Marzipan Bars are covered in a layer of dark chocolate. Filled with healthy almonds and matcha powder, these marizpan bars are an easy and reinspired take on the classic.

Green Tea Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to make chocolate for your friends, family, and loved ones. Homemade chocolate is a great expr.

One of the prettiest Matcha recipes we’ve seen! Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups are a healthier alternative to everyday chocolate butter cups.

Recipe for Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups, a healthier alternative to regular chocolate butter cups. This is a satisfying and healthy Matcha dessert recipe.

Another picture of those Mint Matcha Jelly Bars you've all been asking about! recipes up on our website #matcha #jelly #recipe #greentea #chocolate

PureChimp® sells the best Matcha green tea in the UK. Enjoy our flavoured Matcha and Matcha green tea powder.