urban sketch #drawing

The details representing architecture through an urban street with an amazing perspective. Enjoy - Perspective drawing: feels like it should in narrative: get the feeling of looming and moving through a story

cityscape, karolin schnoor

Two color screen print by Karolin Schnoor from the United Kingdom entitled "Cityscape Screenprint", x Found on her Etsy, but currently is listed as sold out.

Urban Sketchers Spain.

Mooi effect, om te onthouden! - drawing on coloured paper and adding white (and maybe a few other colors).

Urban Sketching.

Urban sketchers, sketch by Norberto Dorantes i like the technique used ion this piece of work, it is unusual and original. the ink/water colour paint adds a great effect and the pen on top makes the overall image stand out

Urban Sketchers Spain.

Just really like this "loose" watercolor + pen sketching style. could be used to sketch humans, the school, or urban landscape. El mundo dibujo a dibujo.


old fashioned soda fountain once a mainstay in many old drug stores “NY to Go” by Marion Eichmann

King Street by Ch’ng Kiah Kiean 莊 嘉強

by Kiah Kiean. *Kiah Kiean is an architect, designer and artist. He has a loose, gestural sketching style with which he renders scenes of his native Penang, Malaysia.

London - Bell Lane, February 2003 by Lucinda Rogers

Foundations of Drawing ---lucinda rogers drawing ink watercolour cityscape street scene london life construction gherkin rooftops skyline

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