Bathrooms A L’abode!

Bathroom, Choose the Best Shower Stall for Your Small Bathroom: Shower Stalls Bathroom Modern Style Glass Shower Stall don't like the floor though

Kitchen .

Outstanding Arc House with Great Interior: Glamorous Dark Kitchen Inside House Designs Project Of Arc House Idea With Wooden Floor And Woode.

Contemporary Bathrooms Collection

I love the idea but I'm sure I would drop books in the tub. BUT I love the storage IN the tub--cool idea! This person's bathtub:

Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms - shower doors that make it seem bigger than it is ~ This is what we're about to do to my upstairs bedroom's bathroom. I think shower curtains are yuck!

Bathroom sky light

This loft conversion has been designed by architecture studio Dalibor Hlavacek and is situated in Prague, in a corner apartment house built in the thirties. Imagine relaxing in that tub and looking up at the night sky - wow!

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