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Warning! Werewolves! Wooden Sign - Made to Order

I pass the werewolf sign again. I'm going in circles, but I go a different way each time, coming to the same tree, and I never turn. It was frustrating. Suddenly I hear rustling and I whip around, holding my daggers close. Fantasy welcome.

Wolf Skull LineArt Free by Blue-Rakuen

Just a Head skull of a wolf thingy. Used Picture as bases of lines. Free 2 Use please just credit me Skull © Original Skull Fossil Belongs to Original Owner~

Happy Halloween! This year I decided to sit myself down and actually make a big in-depth costume...I doodled the design for this critter in my notebook one day, started messing with it...and woosh....

Undead Demon Costume - Final by ~Lizard-of-Odd on deviantART ( used it to make a bioshock splicer mask, it really worked, however I never got to sanding it down, the mask was very sturdy though, :)