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How to write a song in 10 steps as a beginner? The infographic shows you how to…

How to write a song in 10 steps as a beginner? The infographic shows you how to get song ideas, write lyrics, find chords, structure the song and record online

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This photo from is a chart of a bunch of useful scales. It demonstrates my need for mastery. Ive been playing guitar for almost 8 years now, but its a hobby that requires constant practice and dedication. The photo reminds me to practice and also provides some useful information.

The most complete chart of guitar chords, from beginner to advanced guitar chords.


minor pentatonic scale: 5 patterns Discover Guitar Online, Learn to Play Guitar

Fairmont Hotels' infographic guide to shooting holiday photos plus how to Instagram like a pro | Daily Mail Online...X

Whether using an SLR or your trusty smartphone, Fairmont Hotels have gone to the source - the travel photographers themselves - to compile a list of must-try holiday photography hacks.

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Top 50 Acoustic Guitar Songs with Tab - Guitar Treats

Beatles - Across the Universe - How to play on Acoustic Guitar Lesson - John Lennon

Bigstock photo If you are a beginner guitar player or you just need some inspiration for easy guitar songs you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of 30 easy guitar songs that are great to strum along with and a lot of fun to play. Make sure you practice the chords …

Top 30 Easy Guitar Chord Songs for Beginners

Standard notation chart

In credibleTabs/ notation chart.

50 best acoustic guitar songs

50 best acoustic guitar songs