World atlas of Flickr geotaggers is maptastic_by Eric Fischer.  Este mapa muestra la densidad de imágenes georeferenciadas en flickr por ciudadanos locales y turistas, así como el medio de transporte que utilizan: negro_peatón; rojo_ciclista

Maps of large cities according to the number of photos taken by tourists. More black color means more photos were taken in this part of the city. New York Maps of large cities according t

NYC public transit routes - buses are blue, ferries are orange, trains are green, purple and red.     Google Image Result for

Glowing CGI Map Beautifies NYC's Public Transit Routes

The combined trails of buses (blue), ferries (orange dots), and rail (green, purple, and red) on the NYC commute

Bike Routes    America Revealed    This simulation, created with GPS trails, shows the routes taken by cycling pizza delivery drivers on one night in Manhattan. It's a tough job! Not least because riding a bike in Manhattan is pretty much exactly like driving a taxi in Crazy Taxi. Read more here.

Snack time: GPS trails reveal the routes taken by cycling pizza delivery riders on one Friday night in Manhattan. Each rider's shift lasts eight to nine hours, in which time they can deliver between 30 and 40 pizzas all over the city. I love heat maps.

Mapping New York's Jogging Routes - This map was created by Zach Lieberman, Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson to shows the most heavily trafficked routes for runners in the Manhattan-Brooklyn-Queens triangle.

Mapping New York's Hottest Jogging Routes

Nike+ City Runs Here's one for exercise geeks: The interactive design collective YesYesNo collaborated with DualForces to map runners' routes in New York, London, and Tokyo using Nike+ data.


Great Metro Maps

Take a Look Inside Massimo Vignelli’s Famous 1972 Subway Map. Urban enthusiasts mourned the death of Massimo Vignelli, the graphic designer who created the iconic 1972 NYC subway map. Here's a look at that famous map.

Learn about what New Yorkers complain about - map by by Dietmar Offenhuber.

What Do New Yorkers Complain About – by Dietmar Offenhuber

Interesting map of everything New Yorkers call 311 to complain about most.

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