Victor Vasarely - 'Vega-Nor' (1969) Abstract

Victor Vasarely, Vega-Nor, Optical

Gustav Klimt - 'The Kiss' (1908) History Painting

The Kiss painted by painter Gustav Klimt, Der Kuss painting by Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, contemporary Art Nouveau style painting by Klimt, Klimt art and Gustav Klimt paintings at Klimt museum.

Joan Miro - 'The Hunter (Cataland Landscape)' (1924) Abstract

Art by Joan Miro: Catalan Landscape, The Hunter - 1923

Edward Hopper - 'Early Sunday Morning' (1930) Realism

From Whitney Museum of American Art, Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning Oil on canvas, × cm

Edward Hopper - 'Nighthawks' (1942) Realism

Edward Hopper Hours of Darkness by Janet L. Comey on InCollect

Wayne Thiebaud - 'Display Cakes' (1963) American Realism

Display Cakes, 1963 by Wayne Thiebaud - Paper Print - SFMOMA - Custom Prints Store From the year your house was built

Joan Miro - 'The Farm' (1921-1922) Surrealism

joan miro, The Farm, Surealism

Victor Vasarely - 'Zebra' (1937) Op Art

This painting is called "Zebra" by Victor Vasarely. Vasarely is the father of the Op Art movement. Op art was common in the and it involved optical illusions and geometric forms.