Fons Hickmann M23 put together some powerful political posters for Amnesty

Fons Hickmann STOP death penalty. Love this poster, it merges two highly recognizable symbols: a stop sign and a rope.

Amnesty International Poster Fons Hickmann M23

A series of illustrated posters created by Fons Hickmann for Amnesty. Powerful graphics on hot

Amnesty International Posters by Fons Hickmann M23

Accompanied to the magazine Amnesty Aktion by Amnesty International, Fons Hickmann designed posters for each issue.

Don't Drive Drunk Foundation / / 8 Creative Outdoor Ads You’ve Gotta See #Creative #Marketing #Ads

Don't Drive Drunk Foundation: "Beer Suicide" Print Ad by Chubcheevit Studio, Leo Burnett Thailand

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