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Yessssss!!!  I KNEW there was a reason Chocolate and I have had a life-long affair!

Despicable Me Minion Toys, Teddy, Plush, Dolls, Fart Blaster .woo chocolate is a salad huh?

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 30 Pics

the turtle said remember me and so on so the turtle tells a knock knock joke seal responds and said who`s there turtle said i thought you remember me

Sending this to all the haters

but since I'm awesome, I just need to say, I'm sure you bring beauty to many peoples days.


Los Angeles Minions Quotes PM, Saturday May 2016 PDT) - 30 pics - Funny Minions - Minion Quotes


I've Taken Up Photography Because It's The Only Hobby Where You Can Shoot People & Cut Their Heads Off Without Going To Jail! Minions always so funny