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The Oil and Watercolor Works by Silvia Pelissero

The Impermanence Series by Seung-Hwan OH

In his series Impermanence, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates wonderfully distorted photographic portraits by growing emulsion-eating fungus on his film. Oh first allows the fungus to parti.

280 x 398

ARTFINDER: The Stare by andy butler - Pencil and paint mixed media work base on the concept of fragmentation. I was interested in the intensity of her gaze on me and the viewer.

Lancia TrendVisions - Trendwall This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

"This photo relates to my theme 'Apart and Together' because the colours dripping down from the models head could represent how they are falling apart emotionally" - unknown

by Lou Ros my interpretation: 'we lose ourselves in our thoughts'

Minimalist Pop Culture Prints

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Fragmenta by Micaela Lattanzio

Fragmenta by Micaela Lattanzio. It provides an alternative to straight portraiture, hiding parts of or the majority of the face and dispersing it makes it easier to draw parts of the body you're more confident with

Manny Robertson critical study continued for 'Order and Disorder' Art GCSE (half)

Student response to Artist Manny Robertson. A strong evaluation.The title was 'Order and/or Disorder.