Vintage Avon Soap-on-a-Rope. Thought these were so cool when I was a kid!

I was just talking about these soaps with someone the other day! Vintage Avon Soap-on-a-Rope. Thought these were so cool when I was a kid!

These things were rockin in the old playgrounds of the 70's and 80's!

These things were rockin in the old playgrounds of the and Playground rocking Horse.

Do you remember pet rocks? Oh the nostalgia. Try these rock monsters with your kids.

For the upcoming economic fair, the kid has decided to make and sell pet rocks. Sounds a ton easier than the 40 bird feeders we tried to make last year.

Making pom poms - I remember going around our neighbourhood and knocking on people's doors (totally irritating, I imagine) asking if they had any spare wool so I could go home and spend hours making pompoms!

We had fun making pompoms as kids - wouldn't have a clue how to do it now!

troll doll. My mum had one with blue hair

troll doll (I still have 2 of these.but not in perfect condition. They were 'loved' pretty hard.

I think every girl had one of these

Pretty sure I had one of these when I was a kid! I think every little girl in the UK had one of these, I know i did, my friends did to i am sure. Yes this Pinner is right, myself and my friends used to carry money in these!

Drowsy doll - This is the only doll that I ever liked ~ so much so that my mum had to make her an outfit to cover her fabric body as I wouldn't let her wash her.

I had a Drowsy doll.She said a few sayings when you pulled her string--among them "I'm drowsy" and "I want a drink of water" Never had another baby doll that I loved.

Whistle Pops

candies -whistle pop- one of the coolest suckers. It sucked when you got one the whistle pop was broke :(

ice magic - used to literally pour this in my mouth when mum wasn't looking. Not great when it hardened tho!

Ice Magic - Ooo I remember this :-) we had it as a treat, when you poured the sauce onto your ice cream it went hard like a chocolate shell mmmmmmm ;

I had some of these my aunty gave them to me and then they vanished one day , found out years later my mum took them she thought I was going to break my wrist with them

Click Clacks Could never figure these out. Always ended up hitting myself with them instead of together.

Real lipstick. Or that's what mum said!! From Facebook 80's 90's babies only

I loved candy lipstick! Even though it didn't even taste all that good - it was just cool. I remember being devastated when I left my candy lipstick at the city pool when I was little.

who remembers frozen milk ? my mum used to put teacups out for the milk man to cover the bottles with

frozen milk on the doorstep when the cream got pushed out of the top, or the foil being pecked open by the birds !

I remember that my Mum had one and labeled just about everything with it.

DYMO Label Makers who was the KING of DIY. I have such fond memories whenever I see a vintage DYMO label.

birthday in a bottle.... yes mum I know it has too much sugar and colouring in it... but my fav fizzy drink

My mum always made us drink this is we had a day off sick from school. Lucozade in orange film wrapping. Strictly only allowed if you were genuinely ill.