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political art! Love this piece.  The first one, pedophiles in the catholic church, child prostitution in Thailand, child army recruitment in Syria, child organ trafficking, free guns in USA and child obesity.

-The first image referenced in the Vatican pedophilia. -The second image the child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand. -The third refers to the war in Syria. -The fourth image refers to trafficking.

world about to vanish; spanish street art

The world going down the drain -Street-Art-by-Pejak-in-Santander-Spain . unfortunately correctly representative in the face of current world affairs :(

love the skin you're in, embrace yourself

Word Vomit : Society's messages to women are sickening.The expectations, pressure, and drop in self esteem that is a result of the above. The society is feeding women with the wrong thoughts and it puts down their self esteem.