Acid house, Astoria, London, 1988

Destiny’s Child – ‘Say My Name’ track review

1988 Trip with Aciid t-shirt Trip acid house club night the Astoria London

Clubbers at the Hacienda in Manchester, circa 1989

The Madchester scene - in pictures

How Madchester put the E into enterprise zone… In the late acid house and ecstasy put Manchester at the heart of the pop universe and helped in the rebirth

Rave  Acid House UK NME

famous NME (New Musical Express - free now but used to be the bible for anyone into their music) - i think this probably ties into that piece you've seen you were telling me about?

Controversial Acid House parties began in the late 80s and linked to the designer drug Ecstasy. This is a really interesting blog about the era.

We Called it Acid House

Classic vocal House music from Billy Bunter on Soundcloud >> Ce Ce Rogers - Someday into Sterling Void - It's Alright.

Madchester: Clubbers on the main stage at the Hacienda Club in 1989

The Madchester scene - in pictures

Ravers- associated with raves, and the drug ecstacy. T-shirts with smiley faces, tie-dyed, psychedelic prints, hippie-like elements, or functional clothes

rave fashion- Ravers wore a lot of tie dye/smiley faces/psychedelic elements, but also simple pieces like tee-shirts and sneakers. Almost a little bit of grunge-meets-hippie.