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What a clever skateboard design! Too nice for skating...perfect for hanging on a boys room! #skateboard #smile #clever

Ken sent in this hand painted band-aid skateboard, he writes - "I had an urge to put together a skateboard and had this idea for deck art. Irony comes together with a cheap blank deck and some pain.

Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Screaming PBR Pabst Beer Hand 8 0 | eBay

Santa Cruz Skateboards: Decks: x PBC PBR Hand Powerply Deck. by far one of my favorite decks

Skateboard design. VHS Heroes by Hollis Brown Thornton.

Another really funny and creative deck design. I could see skaters in their late twenties and thirties buying this. While there isn't really a specific focal point it is still a really fun design to look at. Stuff he likes.

Murphy's laws of combat

Murphy laws of battle for fellow military faygaggers . Browse new photos about Murphy laws of battle for fellow military faygaggers . Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday! Because it's fun!

I am a really big fan of this snowboard by Chili Thom because of the summer evergreen tree featured on the bottom I also find myself interested because of how warped and individualistic this tree is. And the wood grain top tops it all off.

Love this, theres so many flashy designs out there that its nice to see something earthy. Great snowboard graphic from Chili Thom