White Flowers

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~Clematis wilsonii 'Montana'

Always wanted to get married outside somewhere like this.Gorgeous Flowers Garden Love — Clematis wilsonii ‘M Flowers Garden Love

~Muscari Botryoides Album

Muscari Botryoides Album Muscari are so beautifully delicate looking and gorgeous when mixed with the purple Muscari

White Pot Collection

Buy White Pot Collection from Sarah Raven: Pots for a white garden, or for cheery whiteness and brightness to any dull corner. Think of a line of these along a wall or path or around a terrace or pool.

~Allium amplectens 'Graceful'

Allium amplectens 'Graceful'

Ammi Majus (Bishop's flower)

Ammi majus

Buy Ammi majus from Sarah Raven: Ammi majus (Bishop's flower) has lacy, white flowers, like a more delicate form of cow parsley. This one is one of our long-standing best sellers.

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