hot cocoa cone - cute Christmas gifts. Would use red or green instead of pink.

Give your loved ones a Hot Chocolate Cone for Valentine's Day. Everything is in the cone for two chocolately mugs of delicious hot cocoa including chocolate chips, marshmallows and heart-shaped sprinkles to add bling. Great for party favor

Lookie What I Did: A Candy Topiary Gift using full or fun-size candy bars...TOO CREATIVE and FUN!

Create a Happy Mother's Day Sweet Tree. (Use sugar-free if she is diabetic) DIY Candy Bar Tree- Fabulous gift idea for b-days, holidays, graduation or just Any occasion! Add some dollar bills to gift money!

Box of Sweets-super easy homemade gift to make...bought container for cheap-filled with persons favorite candy!

Super Quick Gifts to Make

Box of Sweets. Purchase a plastic divided box&decorate; w/ scrapbooking supplies. Trim patterned paper to fit the exterior of the lid,&embellish; w/ stickers & painted chipboard. For a nonsugar alternative, fill w/scrapbooking supplies or small trinkets.

Over 600 retro sweets available from !

Toffos were chewy toffee sweets that came in several versions. A standard toffee flavoured version, assorted mixed flavours and a mint one. The mixed pack contained banana, chocolate, strawberry and toffee.

Space Dust, 1970s, the Original 'pop-rocks'. I loved this stuff!

Space Dust, the Original 'pop-rocks'. I loved this stuff! I do remember Pop Rocks in the late or early Love Pop Rocks strawberry or cherry with a can of Coke, mmmm : )

LOVE HEARTS/Retro Sweets 100 rolls £8.97

LOVE HEARTS/Retro Sweets/Wedding Favours,Engagement,Party,Kids Bags,FREE P&P

You used 2 get loads in a bag - they all had nursery rhymes on them with the verses written on the back.

Cadburys Chocolate Buttons bag -they all had nursery rhymes on them with th verses written on the back.

Smiths Monster Munch Roast Beef Crisps 1988 by Marc Sayce, via Flickr

Smiths Monster Munch Roast Beef Crisps Still love these- especially pickled onion flavour!

Do you miss these sweets from the 80's? We do, which is why we put this list together!

Peanut treets - Chocolate coated peanuts in a crispy shell (way better than m&m's)

80s sweets uk - Bing Images

sweets uk from the tuck shop at the swimming baths. they still cost but now they're about the size of the old Highland Toffee bars that used to cost