Beatles pilgrimage to Liverpool, England!

Reminds me of Penny Lane from Elizabeth Eulberg's duology "the lonely hearts club" Liverpool, England

Liverpool Picturebook

Liverpool Picturebook a site featuring a collection of old photographs and pictures of Liverpool, and Liverpool History, updated regularly. The history of Liverpool in Pictures

Philharmonic, Liverpool, Merseyside - Fireplace in Lobby Bar

Philharmonic, Liverpool, Merseyside - Said to be Paul McCartney's favorite pub. Did a "pub crawl" on St.

06. Liver Fog Liver Buildings Liverpool

Locations referred to in Bombed Out! – Liverpool’s Pier Head.


liverpool city break : Anthony Gormley's Another Place : iron men statues


Liverpool - "A Case History" by John King, Various items of luggage, cast in concrete, are stacked on the pavement -- the labels on the suitcases refer to notable individuals and institutions linked with the local area.