Beatles pilgrimage to Liverpool, England!

Beatles pilgrimage to Liverpool, England!Pinning also because my parents were Beatles fans and my name was to be from one of two songs my dad played on guitar."Michelle" or Penny Lane.Ended with Michelle Lynn:)

Illustrated Liverpool Map by FatCatIllustration on Etsy, £5.00

Liverpool Map-illustrated print-Liverpool gift

Philharmonic, Liverpool, Merseyside - Fireplace in Lobby Bar

Philharmonic, Liverpool, Merseyside - Said to be Paul McCartney's favorite pub. Did a "pub crawl" on St.


Liverpool - "A Case History" by John King, Various items of luggage, cast in concrete, are stacked on the pavement -- the labels on the suitcases refer to notable individuals and institutions linked with the local area.

Eerie Moon Over Liverpool Albert Dock

The moon glows red as it rises over the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Photo by Steve McMillan.