Lend a playful vibe to your wedding decor with a combination of aqua and cherry! #WeddingThemes
Add a dash of elegance to any wedding with a glittering combination of gold and white.#WeddingThemes
Nothing spells elegance better than Silver & White. A classic and sophisticated pick, this combination is all about adding a fairy tale charm to your wedding.#WeddingThemes
Lend the magic of monochrome to your wedding. Stick to a black and white palette for a classic touch.#WeddingThemes
Bring out the magic of blue with a glint of silver with this mesmerising combination. It’ll add a tranquil touch to your summer wedding! #WeddingThemes
Need an inspiration for the ideal color theme for your #SummerWedding? A combination of classic blue and tangerine is the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony.
The contrast of cool and warm colours in this combination makes it a unique and unmissable pick for a summer wedding! #WeddingThemes
Channel the colours of the season in your wedding decor. A vibrant palette of orange and pink works well as an effervescent yet elegant choice of theme for your wedding. #WeddingThemes #SummerWeddingsWithBenzer
You can never go wrong with shades of purple! Spruce up your wedding decor with hues of royal purple that’s a versatile pick for any venue. #WeddingThemes #SummerWeddingsWithBenzer
Soft, creamy tones highlighted by gilded gold adds a feminine yet romantic touch to your wedding decor. Dreamy pastel hues can take your wedding theme from sophisticated and chic to vintage and classy. #WeddingThemes #SummerWeddingsWithBenzer

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