Lights through wet glass.  Photographs through wet, frosted or textured glass could be a great way to create distorted images. Good project starter.

Oh, I LOVE how the photographer captured these colors! Almost looks like an oil painting from far away. Rain on the window pane, looking out of the hospital or a car. It doesnt matter the rain was one thing that calmed all the patients.

Anamorphic Artworks

Anamorphic Artworks

Funny pictures about Anamorphic Artworks. Oh, and cool pics about Anamorphic Artworks. Also, Anamorphic Artworks photos.

Could print images on glass and let each piece break or get chipped in whatever natural way. then scan? delicate and also fragmented

Could print images on glass and let each piece break or get chipped in whatever natural way. delicate and also fragmented Order and disorder.


Black & White photo: Artistic yet beautiful and extremely powerful shot. Michele Clement is the winner of Black & White Spider Awards 2007 in category “Outstanding Achievement”. By Michele Clement

Henri Senders

little girl peering out the window.Halloween + Black and white + haunting + a bit creepy

Numéro #25, July/August 2001Photographer: Sølve SundsbøModel: Diana Meszaros Leather shirt & tie by Jean-Claude Jitrois

Numéro July/August Sølve SundsbøModel: Diana Meszaros Leather shirt & tie by Jean-Claude Jitrois

hyper realistic paintings by alyssa monks

Exclusive: Alyssa Monks Talks about her Bathing Beauties

Born 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Alyssa Monks began oil painting as a child. Monks’ paintings explore the tension between abstraction and realism, using

Bowen Mountain House ... Ribbed Glass wall

Elegant Mountain View House with Natural Surroundings: Contemporary Kitchen Details Silver Faucet Bowen Mountain Home


Martin Waldbauer born in 1986 Nice photo manipulations photographs by Martin Waldbauer, talented amateur German photographer, who creates very unusual images with the use of digital photo montage.