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Andrea Lauren : Dala Horse She hand draws the illustrations then hand-carves them on natural wood which are then block printed to design silkscreen art print in water-based block printing inks. Stamp Printing, Screen Printing, Atelier Theme, Stencil, Plastic Fou, Stamp Carving, Type Illustration, Handmade Stamps, Linoprint

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | It has been a busy few days but I am happy to be stepping away from the computer and carving this dala horse design this morning! Really enjoying these folk themes! | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

Linocut printmaking and surface pattern design by licensing artist Andrea Lauren, author of Block Print. Stamp Printing, Printing On Fabric, Screen Printing, Stencil, Graffiti, Stamp Carving, Handmade Stamps, Linoprint, Tampons

Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Lots of fun to make these two color tiger moths this morning!

"Write" / a nourishing image meant to inspire that kind of feeling you get when you finally write a real letter on paper to that person you've been meaning to write to for so long - from a series of linocut block prints 2012 - Peter Nevins, U. Linocut Prints, Art Prints, Block Prints, Gravure Photo, Street Art, Linoleum Block Printing, Poster Design, Scratchboard, Wood Engraving

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write A linocut print on Arches cream paper by TortillaPress, $25.00

Asian Vegetable Set Hand-printed Block Print by Rigel Stuhmiller via Etsy Homage to Chino Farms, San Diego Linocut Prints, Art Prints, Botanical Illustration, Illustration Art, Vegetable Illustration, Veggie Art, Asian Vegetables, Art Graphique, Corporate Design

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