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Outdoor Planter Wall: Fab Modern Porch Design

Outdoor Planter Wall: A clever means of screening off their open plan living space from neighbors in close proximity, while forgoing traditional window coverings. Rather, they have spider plants, herbs and English ivy to help maintain a sense of privacy.

for side of the house- make a potting table- hose  wood storage/cover meter, underneath window box

25 of the Most Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchens

29 Wild Places to Live Outdoors - (Step Out) a new book from IKEA. Set up kitchen outside with a sink, a hose with water, two hot plates, a few recycling bins, shelving and you're set!//like the wall/pergola

modern wall decoration ideas to cover cracks and imperfections

11 Creative Ideas for Modern Wall Decoration with Small Cracks and Imperfections

Small cracks can be used as inspirations for modern wall decoration and adding personality with creative designs to home interiors