Where Is My Mind] Untitled 001, photography by Andrea Costantini

Where Is My Mind] Untitled photography by Andrea Costantini This is an extremely simple poster yet it is so effective by the use of just two images combined into one. It stands out against the plain background

Fragments - you could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint or use mixed media?

Brno Del Zou Take multiple photos, cut them into different sized fragments and reassemble them in odd places that still work.

#photography #collage

Every fucking one of them. Even if now they only exist in my waking mind or in my nightmare life without them.

Sir Q. Lar, via Flickr. collage and mixed media.

Jordan Clark (student) Sir Q.

Embroidery, and sewing machine on photographs, from a series titled String Figures by Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi - Embroidery, and sewing machine on photographs - Series titled String Figures

Stephanie Ledoux - beautiful execution of travel sketches and portraits!

Stephanie Ledoux--collage and drawing combo

I'm inspired in two ways by this... the work/passion that cosplay people show in their craft, but also the fantastic work by the artist bringing the real and drawing worlds together here.

Cosplay Gen Promo Cards

fun photo/drawing combo - wish I could draw like this. I may play with this idea maybe with a much less detailed photo.

Hattie Stewart This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

'Doodle Bombs' for Various Magazines by UK Illustrator Hattie Stewart

photographer: Richard Burbridge //styling: Robbie Spencer // artwork: Maurizio Anzeri, for Dazed and Confused, June 2011 // full credits: here

The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri

Fashion photography gone crafty. Photo embroidery by Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri.Fashion Photo Embroidery in Collage

Self conflict. Expressing emotion and feeling through song lyrics.

Self portrait - Expressing emotion and feeling through song lyrics.