Evacuee children, London, ca.1940 The wee ones of London were sent to live with people on farms throughout Britain to save them from the unmerciful bombings of the Nazis on London. The families who took in these children saved their lives.

Evacuee children, London ca.1940

WWII, Norfolk.England. With acute food rationing, most of the population lived off the land. Unfortunately, this little girl lived almost entirely on a diet of Brussels sprouts. Even her Teddy Bear needed a gas mask!

A little girl named Judy Swain and her teddy bear wearing gas masks - WWII - Norwich, Norfolk, England.

Parting: Evacuees waiting for their train out of London

The kindness of strangers: A LITTLE GIRL'S WAR BY WENDY APPLETON

Boy evacuees with gas masks; Second World War: evacuating London

Second World War: evacuating London

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