Faces by Marion Bolognesi

Marion Bolognesi - uses watercolour paints to express emotions in her drawings of eyes.

Ripples in the sea. Live the colours. Great inspiration for art and backgrounds

As in the depths of the sea, the sun-crystal coastline, sun-kissed sands, opalescent ripples of water, cool cobalt shoreline.from above a picturesque stained glass sea of life. Oregon coast - photograph by Russell Tomlin.

Galerie de Rosanna Jones. To wish upon a mirror- a new reflection.

Rosanna Jones, Photographer & Mixed Media Artist explores how appearance affects identity in her project entitled 'Skin'. Inspired by this François de La Rochefoucauld quote: "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become

WHO: Henrietta Harris WHAT: Illustration WHY: I like the tone in the face and hands. I also like the texture in the jumper.

Artist painter Henrietta Harris

The Greatest Print, Distorted Paintings Henrietta Harris is a very talented illustrator from Auckland,