Bethany Samuels

Bethany Samuels

Bethany Samuels
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lovely antique French mirror ... great reflective photo

use molding to frame a large mirror and use in the front room. It would brighten, lighten, and visually enlarge the room! This is also a great way to make the entryway wall go from humdrum to totally gorgeous!

Let me in…. – Judith van der Graaf

Cats always think they are on the wrong side of a closed door. "Cats like doors left open in case they change their minds.

Letto azzurro del catalogo Fendi Casa 2015

Fendi Casa’s partnerships with designers Thierry Lemaire and Toan Nguyen and manufacturer Luxury Living has.

Hand-tooled Dressage saddle. Click to see others. Hell yes! Combine the best of western saddle design with dressage!

Beautiful brown hand-tooled dressage saddle combines the best of western saddle design with dressage!