(★★ Fair)  This is a good idea and works some of the time. Two problems are, these tags fall off quite easily and you must have the writing skills of one who can write on a grain of rice to fit entire words on the tags.

(Great idea but link apparently takes u to spam links) thot it worth pinning though. i admit to saving bread clips! :) Bread clips used to label cords on power strip found via Kari.

Repurpose stemware. Pop in a citronella candle and then put glass down in plant. Pretty at night and keeps bugs away!

I had a couple stem broken wine glasses. Use dollar store stemware or repurpose broken stemware. put glass down in plant and place a candle inside, use a citronella to keep bugs away or battery operated of children are around.

Garden Wall

Garden Wall - metal planters on brick Reuseable plants and wall hanging - great for offering vertical interest - tropical vines?

Put a crib sheet over the pack and play for shade and no bugs outside  -- for the moms of little ones out there. :)

How To Make Fruit And Veg Last Longer

Never would have thought of this! Fitted sheet over the pack n play to keep bugs out and provide some shade. We have a bug net but I like this much better for the shade!

25 Spring Projects for Kids

Make flower gardens in the shape of your initial + 25 Spring Projects for Kids These letter planters would look especially good with really low plants like a succulent garden.

My kids would love to do this! Painted Rock Garden Markers by @Amanda Formaro - CraftsbyAmanda.com

Painted Rock Garden Markers, all you need is outdoor paint and rocks. Great project for all the new gardens that are being planned soon.

DIY Garden Art Leaf Sculpture by gardenmama: Great with giant leaves like rhubarb! #Leaf_Sculpture #gardenmama

DIY Garden Art Leaf Sculpture by gardenmama: Great with giant leaves like rhubarb! - love the idea of leaves dipped into a metali paint as decoration

Alternative Gardning: Companion Planting Guide

Companion Planting Chart : find your crop in the left column then look to find good companions and bad companions. (Link is bad, but chart is readable)

Creative Ideas to use inexpensive solar lights all year.   remove the post which goes in the ground- - charge the top with the cell battery and bulb- then place in a mason jar or other creative container

DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights / Lantern Craft Tutorial

Make mason jar lanterns by decorating mason jars with tissue paper. Fun craft to make for earth hour! Except I'd make the tissue paper look like the Earth