Using real objects to make math more concrete - comparing numbers

Using real objects to make math more concrete - comparing numbers Alligator more or less

Here's a terrific idea for using a hole punch to create arrays for teaching multiplication.

Teaching Multiplication Arrays with a Hole Punch

Help your kids better understand multiplication by using this great visual! Students create arrays by hole-punching construction paper.

Here’s a math activity that is guaranteed to be a hit!  Print these Roll it, Write it, Count it mats – see the link at the bottom of the page.  My 4.5 year old has been loving this, especially the marker part and the erasing part.  And the M & M’s that we used for...Read More »

Printable Roll it, Write it, Count it Mats

Printable Roll it, Write it, Count it Mats: Great for Preschool, Kindergarten and First grade teachers.

Numicon Biscuits - a great recipe for cooking with kids which helps with your math

Numicon Biscuits

Numicon Biscuits step by step instructions of how to make the biscuits; combines life skills and maths skills.

Prepositions! Position words. Would be cute to make photo cards like these and add them to a center for extra practice

Prepositions: Vocabulary for Beginning Readers

Basic vocabulary, like knowing prepositions, is necessary for beginning readers. Teach prepositions with this simple game. - would be super cute in Strip Designer app Supplies A plastic Cup Either action figure or doll.

Count to 100 in Kindergarten: FREE "I CAN" Math game covers all standards for COUNTING to 100 in Kindergarten. Perfect for Guided Math & Math Centers! {Common Core} FREE

Free math game for Kindergarten! This Kindergarten math game covers Counting to Aligned with the Kindergarten common core math standards.