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an airplane wing with the words to whom will help?
To whom will you flee for help? Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
an old bible verse with the words romans 3 32 written in white ink on a teal green background
Romans 8:32 Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
the word love is written in black ink on a white tile wall with a red and yellow background
John 3:16 Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
a painting with the words, who is he that condemned? it is christ that died ye
Romans 8:34 Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
an image of a heart with the words love and another as i have loved you
Love on another Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
a chalkboard sign that says, halluligh all i have is christ
Hallelujah all I have is Christ Instagram @bethesdafreechurch
the facebook page for bethesia free church
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