Beth McMillan
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Freshly sliced sun-drenched lemons. Photo by HannaMariah. ~ yellow citrus fruit closeup macro

Freshly sliced lemons have bright color that pops when squeezed into vinaigrettes. Use a spoonful of our Lemon and Garlic mustard to your vinaigrette for a salad with a exciting flavor!

Growing up, my grandma would always peel and orange for me, and slice the top half way so that it was hanging. I would eat the top and then the rest. Like tradition, like a routine, something I'll do for my kids one day. Because simple things like this, should be passed on. To conserve a precious memory, a smell an emotion.

3 oranges worth of juice (fresh squeezed); 1 cup of strong, black decaf & Cheerios w/ whole milk. This breakfast jump-starts the metabolisms & dictates its pace for the rest of the day.