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two goats standing next to each other in front of a blue birdhouse with hay
DIY Thread - Let's see your "Inventions".
a baby horse in a blue harness is being held up by a sign that says we got a new system for trimming horses
Friends. When I say this was a game changer, I mean GAME CHANGER! Since I have wethers and haven’t kidded I don’t have a milking station which I know many use for trimming hooves. So we have been basically wrestling the goats for each trim (goats are freakishly strong for their size)…and it’s been NOT awesome. 🤣 So I was trying to find a solution when I came across these. This size holds up to 75lbs which is perfect because my biggest boy is under that. This fits even my smallest goat, Denver as well. When I tell you they were so relaxed, I mean SO RELAXED that two of them fell asleep. 😂 It’s linked in my storefront on the Goats list if you need one. 😂 . #gregschicks #goats #hooftrimming #hoofcare #notstupid #lifehacks #farmhack #keepitsimple | GregsChicks | pinnedoutproductions · Original audio
someone holding a pair of scissors in their hand with the words trimming goat hooves
How To Trim Your Goat's Hooves
a dining room filled with lots of furniture and decor
Historic Upstate NY Farmhouse Home Tour
This saves soo much time tying plants!
Say Goodbye to tedious and time-consuming plant tying and achieve a lush and healthy garden with ease! #gardenhack #gardenhacks #gardentips #gardentipsandtricks #backyardgarden #gardentools #flowers around tree front yards
Multifunctional gardening thumb knife
the cover of mid - life homesteads, featuring pictures of farm animals and corn
Homesteading After 40 - Midlife Crisis or Perfect Timing?
Effortlessly Remove Weeds with the New Weeding Artifact: The Must-Have Tool for Every Gardener!
Do you still use your hands to dig wild vegetables and pull out weeds? Take a look at this small weeding tool with four teeth. You can uproot the grass with one hug. The harder it is to pull out the grass, the less effort it will take! The front can also be shoveled, which can not only weed but also loosen the soil. It is so convenient! Now factory direct sales, free home delivery!
two pictures side by side with the same image in different ways, one showing an outdoor garden
Top 20 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made With PVC Pipes - Bio Prepper
a garden filled with lots of green plants and flowers next to a small wooden building
I (Basically) Stopped Weeding Thanks to This Game-Changing Gardening Method
an old house with the words 7 harsh truth about homesteading
7 Harsh Truths About Homesteading
an open door with the words why, when and how to clean your chicken coop
How to Clean Your Chicken Coop - Audrey's Little Farm