sculpture & photography

exhibition: Photography into Sculpture/The Evolving Photographic Object › Michael de Courcy Untitled Photoserigraph and corrugated cardboard boxes 12 x 12 x 12 inches each box; overall dimensions variable

An enlarged detail from the A Level sketchbook page above, illustrating the beautiful complexity and depth of layers in each laser cut portrait.

Paper Cuttings, Monoprints and Collagraphy: Exciting A Level Portraiture

laser cut portrait by high school art student Lucy Feng Perfect for GCSE question Fragments

Hockney inspired front on portrait with profile portraits facing in or out - image inspiration: Sonalika Jain 'Joiner"

photojoiner-uses different angles to create a full image, it stitches parts of the face together to create and never before seen image

Excellent David Hockney inspired montage . .

Panography consists of the creation of a photo collage of many shots of the same place to get a panoramic view. Here is a tutorial on how to create a panograph.

The Road to York through Sledmere, 1997 oil on canvas, by David Hockney.

The Road to York through Sledmere - David Hockney - 1997 oil on canvas, in. Master of the abstract perspective in landscape.

This is a Photo joiner of the New York Highline. I created this using about 50 images all from a single stationary position. My technique was inspired by artist, David Hockney.

This photojoiner is intriguing because all of the various pictures line up to create a cohesive picture, but you can see that all the different photos were taken with slightly different orientations and from different angles.

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