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If Disney Villains Had Won.

If Disney Villains Had Won.I think Ursula upsets me the most.or Gaston. <<< Gaston since that was my favourite Disney film as a kid

Here are some funny and weird text messages from Disney princesses to their princes.

Texting: Disney Princess style this is so adorable. but Mulan is the funniest xd

This is a remake of the elegant versions of the disney princesses made into other disney girls. (In order: Aurora as Merida, Belle as Charlotte, Tiana as Lilo, Jasmine as Kida, Mulan as Jane, Pocahontas as Meg, Rapunzel as Esmeralda, Ariel as Wendy, Cinderella as Tinkerbell, and Snow White as Alice)

Disney princesses with the colors of non-Disney princesses Aurora=Merida Belle=Lottie Tiana=Nani Jasmine=Kida Mulan=Jane Pocahontas=Megara Rapunzel=Esmeralda Ariel=Wendy Cinderella=Tinker Bell Snow White=Alice

Disney princess modern day

Disney princess modern day I love Belle's, Merida's, and Ariel's the best!

Disney Princesses in dresses that were in style the year their movie came out.

Disney Princesses in dresses that were in style the year their movie came out.<<<the new cinderella live action film dress looks like the Aurora dress :O insaaaane

Disney Princess...& co

baby disney - Aww so precious! Kuzco gets me every time since I'm always so glad people include him! I never see enough of him and he is hilarious! Should be a Disney prince in my opinion.

Disney princesses

"Disney princesses in oil // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - CLG : dunno how this is funny, but they are very pretty

Modern Disney Princesses

I choose Snow White! Modern hipster Disney Princesses - Pick Your Favorite<<<Tiana

Disney Princess

Little Princess quote with Disney Princess bg: Whatever comes cannot alter one thing: If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can still be a princess inside.

Elsa at Hogwarts

Elsa at Hogwarts Disney + Harry Potter