This wooden 'eco' garden room from Westbury Garden Rooms is a great contemporary option for those in an urban area, or with a more modern house. The cedar-clad room is free-standing with a grass roof, and best of all is unlikely to need planning permission. Insulated and equipped with both heating and lighting.

A very modern summerhouse

What is it about garden rooms that is so universally appealing? We& getting excited just thinking about the prospect of a seclude little spot somewhere, like this stable conversion in Kenya, that is wooden eco garden room with a green roof.

Modern Cabana | The Newest Trend Is Upgraded Sheds To Add Living Space

At First It Looks Like A Regular Backyard Shed, But Just Wait Until You See What's Inside.

I want an Eco-friendly Garden Office - Who wouldn't mind a daily commute to this office space?

Interiors: The room planner

People nowadays like to work at home and use the garden office for anti-stress. However garden office can be anything it can be a music room or a study room. It depends to you on how you used it for.

Modern garden lodge, with round stepping stones

I just fall in love with b Dab Den - Stylish garden studios ~ Kim Highins

Charred cedar clads this garden yoga studio and office by Neil Dusheiko in north London

Garden room by Neil Dusheiko features walls of charred cedar

Love how this appears to float Charred cedar clads this garden yoga studio and office by Neil Dusheiko in north London creates modern, eco-friendly and customizable garden studios and offices that are a perfect backyard addition to your home’s square footage. This can be added to our growing collection of backyard offices. But don’t call these a shed! These garden studios are true outdoor rooms, built with the same methods as a timber-framed house including insulation and double-glazed windows. They also include heating, lighting, power outlets and you can even customize them to include…

Garden Studio by

Modern Prefab House, Garden Studio by n.Studios in London Garden Studio Prefab House Design by n.Studios in London

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