The Insect Woman (1963)

The Insect Woman While Japanese horror films dominated American TV during the early this unusual Japanese story of the time was not about an "insect woman" but a woman running a brothel. Grim and disturbing.

Stray Dog (1949)

Stray Dog directed by Akira Kurosawa. specifically illustrates the characteristic noir visual style, including the motif of barred shadow patterning, and its internationalization

Akira (1988)

Read 'How Cinema Sees The Future'. From Blade Runner to The Fifth Element, from Total Recall to Dredd, cinema has .

Tokyo Story (1953)

The final part of Yasujiro Ozu’s loosely connected ‘Noriko’ trilogy is a devastating story of elderly grandparents brushed aside by their self-involved family.

Tokyo Sonata (2008)

Still from Tokyo Sonata, Regent Releasing/Photofest©