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popaesthete:  My fave instacats, Seamus & Angus! shamingseamus

popaesthete: My fave instacats, Seamus & Angus!

U WoT M8??!?

STRAY - Lady Shave and friends share their favourite lady links - Two Thousand

U WoT M8??!?

U WoT M8??!?

It's Destiny that makes us do it by AlexandarCho crying because this is beautiful. and sad.

Beautiful Merlin fanart depicting some of the show’s most recognizable Arthur & Merlin moments.

This is a Photoshop concept art of the Vex Gate Lord by Chris Barrett for Destiny. I like how the sun has the appropriate glare effects even in a flat image as it adds real visual effects. I could use elements of this in my GDD to add the realism of lighting that the game needs

Gatekeeper is an official concept art for Destiny, the video game created by Bungie, Inc. This Certified Art Giclee? print is part of the official Destiny

Destiny: Warlock concept art! Add me Xbox live Archangels edge.

I love pictures that feature people using their powers -Z Destiny: Warlock concept art!