Nervous in The Light of Dawn ~ artist Courtney Martin (via Art ❖ Graphics ❖ Design ❖ Illustrations) Circles, circles, circles.

this is a signed, limited edition matte archival print of my drawing lives of a cell. it was done on the page of a vintage botany textbook. actual

Lives of a cell - archival print

lives of a cell - archival print using old book pages. Add to paper stash. Fab idea for old books or mags

Bone. Something so delicate can be so strong!

Bone of a person with osteoporosis. From the Bone Research Society of Britain.

Linnea Kolback. Adore these, they look very like the inside of plant cells, which I am currently fixated with...

Unique originalInteresting Ocean creatures, free hand drawn with lightfast ink on exclusive quality cotton paper with rough grain. Acid free and archiv

Ascidian (Ascidiae) from Ernst Haeckel's "Kunstformen der Natur" (Art forms of Nature) of 1904 // About "Kunstformen Der Nature": // About Ernst Haeckel: // Tags: Vintage

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