Acid House Rave History

Acid House and Rave history. 1987 - 1992 in the UK saw the explosion of a new sort of youth culture; inspired by E and filled with Peace Love & Unity. This board celebrates that era in visual form.
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There are a few different theories on the origins and meaning of the iconic Nirvana "Smiley Face" logo with it's crossed-out eyes and it's drooling mouth.

Terry Farley talks about running the seminal fanzine, club night and record label.

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The rave continues in the street, outside the Astoria, after the Trip, London. “This photo was taken in the middle of Tottenham Court Road at on a Sunday morning early in July, The impromptu street party stopped the traffic for a while.

Ravers on the dancefloor at The Trip @ Astoria, London 1988 David Swindells/PYMCA

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Sweaty ravers on the dance floor, Shoom Club, London, July 1988

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