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Rachael Seymour
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nude / floral / oversized bottle / surrealism / pink / hug

Again the use of nudity, shown sensuality as well as the use of traditional themes of pretty and use of large or oversized props of the perfume bottle.


Photographer Thomas Brown worked with Anna and Victoria of Lightning & Kinglyface to shoot this editorial for Bon Magazine. Thomas’s aesthetic is graphic, linear and beautifully simple.

The Green Sea Turtles greatest threat is from the commercial harvest for eggs and food. Other green turtle parts are used for leather and small turtles are sometimes stuffed for curios. Incidental catch in commercial shrimp trawling is an increasing source of mortality.

Green Turtle, South West Rocks, Australia - Tony Brown I actually caught one of these by hand in Panama City Beach Florida in Maybe a different breed, but a sea turtle nonetheless.

Marc Jacobs: Tweets For Treats

Mark Jacobs Daisy EDT Daisy was launched in 2007 and is one of the most popular Marc Jacobs fragrances that is sparkly, floral-woody, fresh and feminine yet simple at the same time. Its creator,.

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Heinz ketchup poster - in this poster, designer put the stalk of tomato on top of the ketchup bottle to represent tomato. Designer used just two elements(ketchup bottle and tomato top) but now it show new aspect from that. It's simple but smart.