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an elephant with leaves blowing in the wind on it's trunk and saying, hello little
Hoch sollst du leben...
Hoch sollst du leben... ❤️ Grafik Werkstatt
a poem written in black ink with the words sei d'u on it
20 Pics Showing Dunkin’ Donuts Employees’ Reality
the words are written in german and have hearts attached to each other, with balloons floating from them
Liebe Geburtstagsgrüße von Herzen für deine Liebsten
a watercolor painting with words written on it
Auftragsarbeiten - Calligraphy and Art
a happy birthday card with flowers and sun in the middle, on green parchment paper
45 Times Entitled People Got Shamed For Ruining Christmas With Their Attitude (New Pics)
there is a butterfly that is flying over the grass and flowers in the background with words written below it
pink and white roses are in a vase with the words, alles lige
a pink rose sitting on top of a napkin next to a white cup and saucer
a birthday card with the words happy birthday written in black and pink ink on it
Happy Birthday! Einfach schöne Geburtstagswünsche!
a poem written in german with daisies