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an open book sitting on top of a table next to a cup and some lights
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "I know it’s a hard question so you can put a few favourites if you want 💕😭😭 #bookstagramreels #favouritebooks #enemiestoloversbooks #fantasybooks #fantasybookstagram"
there is a book on the bed next to some glasses and a teddybear
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "✨Collide✨ - this book was SO SO good. I’m not usually into sports romances but I loved it! Have you read it yet?? #enemiestoloversbooks #bookstagramreels #favouritebooks #currentlyreading #romancebookstagram"
there is a wooden board with pictures on it and plants in vases next to it
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "Have you read this one yet? It’s When Among Crows by Veronica Roth 🫶✨ I read it recently and loved it so much - the writing was so so beautiful and the themes were so intricately woven 💕 #bookstagramreels #enemiestoloversbooks #favouritebooks #lgbtqbooks #bookstagrammer #fantasybooks #urbanfantasy"
there is a small table with books that perfectly match the vibe of place please please
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "Have you read any of these?? I feel like they all match the vibe well (did I mention I LOVE this song) 💕💕 #bookstagramreels #favouritebooks #enemiestoloversbooks #thecruelprince #fantasybookstagram"
there is a book on the bed with lights around it and a teddy bear next to it
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "Coming back always to one of the BESTEST enemies to lovers series - ✨the Folk of the Air ✨ by Holly Black. Have you read this one yet?? #bookstagramreels #favouritebooks #enemiestoloversbooks #fantasybooks #bookstagrammer #enemiestoloversromance #thecruelprince"
books to read in march and may, including novels from the novel series by rachel klup
6 amazing Books I read recently in April and May 2024 | Mru's Books and Reviews
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a book sitting on top of a bed next to a bottle
What’s a book you’ve been meaning to read forever but still haven’t gotten to? For me it’s this one. I’ve heard it’s literally heartbreaking so I think I need to be in a very stable place when I read it 😭 Has anyone else read it yet? #favouritebooks #alittlelife #bookstagrammer #fantasybooks #currentlyreading #sadbooks
three books with the title in gold and black
Enchanting Escapes: Magical Realism for Historical Fiction Fans
Embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of magical realism, weaving together timeless historical themes and supernatural elements, in this captivating collection of books for historical fiction lovers. Delve into tales of time travel, witchy adventures, and atmospheric settings that will transport you to a realm unlike any other.
an iron flame book sitting on top of a bed next to a teddy bear and christmas lights
What are you currently reading?? So I was part way through this one but I’ve recently started reading a lot of Dramione fanfic 😭 so I’m a bit distracted. I’ve also started Collide (hockey romance) and Butcher & Blackbird (serial killer romance) so I have lots of books going on right now 😂 #favouritebooks #enemiestoloversbooks #fantasybooks #enemiestoloversromance #enemiestoloversromance #currentlyreading
an open book with the words things i don't love about bozkragramm see caption
Millie ✨ on Instagram: "✨ The algorithm ✨ I’ll say now that most of what I dislike is Instagram itself and not the people on it. The algorithm annoys me so much because why don’t I get to see things from people I’m actually following (and sometimes the following tab doesn’t even work 😭😭). ✨ Censoring political content ✨ it’s pretty obvious that Instagram massively censors a lot of political content. Also pretty obvious that they often censor content that doesn’t align with big corporations. ✨ Follow 4 follow posts ✨ Ok so this is a bit more specific to Bookstagram itself. I have absolutely nothing against people who do these posts (pretty sure I have in the past). They’re just not for me, especially because I like to specifically follow people whose content I enjoy. ✨Spam messaging ✨
the cover of kate quin's books ranked by sherees and other historical fiction
The Kate Quinn Chronicles: A Must-Read List for Historical Fiction Enthusiasts
Dive deep into the riveting world of award-winning author, Kate Quinn, as we explore her most beloved historical fiction novels. From heart-pumping adventures to emotion-filled romances, you'll find a story that resonates with you. Join our journey through The Ultimate Kate Quinn Book Ranking today, and don't be surprised if you're swept off your feet by her enchanting tales! Discover your next favorite book today!
a man sitting at a laptop with the text how to promote books on facebook
How to promote books on Facebook - Favbookshelf
a stack of books with the words how to write a book review with examples on it
How To Write A Book Review (With Examples) — FAVBOOKSHELF
a detailed list of 20 popular book genres in fiction
A Detailed List of 20 Popular Book Genres in Fiction | Favbookshelf