Small Worlds in the Water Table...great sensory exploration and pretend play

Small Worlds in the Water Table

We have had this same table for years but have only used it in the summer for water play. 10 Creative Small Worlds in the Water Table.great sensory exploration and pretend play

Farm yard tuff spot

Great use of an Active World tray - using different materials, rice, oats, corn flakes - very creative

Tyres used as boundary line and small world.

each individual tire can put different things in there, like plan flowers, digging area, mini sand box.

We used chalk to draw a road layout on the tuff tray. @SuesChildminding #tufftray #childminder

They also get to learn about roads/roundabouts/zebra crossings etc!

More ideas
How fantastic! I would even love to play with his! But use real grass...not astro turf stuff!

I'm so doing this, what a great idea! from Puzzles Family Daycare, oh how I wish I had a place like this for my kids.

Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot |

Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot

Farm Small World at Twodaloo

Farm Activities for Toddlers: Farm Small World

For the sensory table? Create a farm small world scene using sensory materials to encourage sensory exploration, imaginative play, language development, and more!

Great idea for a jungle small world made with play dough

Jungle small world :: play dough fun

Jungle small world :: play dough fun On offer today we had some homemade green play dough, some leaves and flowers picked from the garden, and a few stalks of broccoli. What could we make?