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Double Exposure

Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear? By MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFFAUG. 14, 2014- an unlikely predator has crept back into the woods, too: what some have called the coywolf. It is both old and new — roughly one-quarter wolf and two-thirds coyote, with the rest being dog.

Illustration by Helmo. Tarantula: Davies and Starr / Getty Images

HELMO designe team

I really liked the images from Helmo, of the models mixed with the animals and decided to have a go at creating a few myself.

Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez

Fashion photography by Thomas Couderc & Clement Vauchez

bêtes de mode -

Artists HELMO created this serie ' Bêtes de Mode ' (Fashion Animals) for the Lafayette Galleries on Haussmann Boulevard in Paris.

So coywolves, pizzly and grolar bears exist and we should fear them. | Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear? -

Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear? Indeed, today’s hybrids may signify more than just the erosion of biodiversity. They may signal a kind of resilience in the face of sudden environmental change.