:) this is just so funny

Made me laugh! Mom, I am sorry but I had to post this to you. Just reminds me of our growth chart on the wall. Now, I know what the random marks are.

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Way to go granny go !

Wrinkles - Laughter Lines! However, please don't judge someone by the look of the lines on their face. It's also determined by genetics.

Saucy Seaside Postcard

Remembering The Old Saucy British Seaside Postcards ~ Part Two Hugely popular and full of on the edge innuendo often with the same humour as the Carry On f

Early 1960 Signed Bamforth comic Risqué Postcard birthday gift Nylon drawers

Saucy Bamforth Postcard - Comic Series No. 72 - Fitzpatrick in Collectables, Postcards, Comic/ Seaside Humour