Playas - Martin Parr, someone enjoying the beach and soaking up the sun

Because the best tan comes from a bottle, VIOLET GREY has devised a self-tanning tutorial to ensure you achieve the perfect sun-kissed look.

: loveUK, Peter Dench

Photographer based in London traveling world-wide to complete assignments.

: summerUK, Peter Dench

The London Festival of Photography Call for Submissions

England Uncensored, Peter Dench

England Uncensored by Peter Dench

England Uncensored, a collection of photos by Peter Dench, pulls no punches in its exploration of the highs and lows of British life.

Alcohol & England, Peter Dench

From deep-sea diver beer bongs to lawyers doing the limbo, A&E: Alcohol & England is Peter Dench’s funny and revealing photo-diary of drunkenness

Peter Dench: Drunk UK

Peter Dench: Drunk UK